Why Good Customer Service Is Important To Your Business


There are many reasons why customer service is important to your business.

Good customer service is the hub of your business. It is key to the success of your business.

Some experts have suggested that customers service is where business is won or lost.

Good customer service will bring more customers.

Bad customer service will scare away customers.

This article is, therefore, looking at the various ways customer service can be important to your business.

Customer retention 

Customer service can help you to retain your existing customers.

With an excellent customer service, you can use also bring back customers that have left your business.

Remember that customers can exit your business for a number of avoidable reasons.

For example, inability to fulfill promises made to customers can make them leave your business.

Similarly, inability to make customers happy and satisfied can easily make your customers exit.

Therefore, good customer service can help you to keep your existing customers and acquire new ones

Fix customer service issues

Essentially, it is the responsibility of your desk officers to fix customer service issues.

Customers can come in with a wide range of problems including rudeness by your employees.

And they want their problems solved promptly and efficiently.

Ability to solve their problems using professionally trained hands, can make them feel comfortable and confident that they are in the right place.

Most importantly, good customer service can make customers see you as someone every body wants to do  business with.

Make more sales

Excellent customer service can provide you with more business opportunities.

Satisfied customers will become regular customers.

And regular customers can become loyal customers.

Most importantly, loyal customers will stick with you in good and rough times.

Consequently, individually and collectively, they can help you to talk the talk.

And talk is free.

Enhance your business image

A professionally crafted kcustomer service can help you to sustain and maintain your business image.

Exceptional customer service can benefit your business in many ways.

Firstly, your employees will be proud to be part of your success story.

Secondly, customers will be happy to have contributed to the growth of your business.

Thirdly, if you have a great customer service, even financial institutions can be willing to fund your business.

More marketing opportunities 

More marketing opportunities are some of the benefits that you can derive from a professional customer service.

For instance, companies can be willing and ready to ship consignments to you even when you have not paid.

They can do this if they know that you have competent and reliable customer service reps that place high priority on customer satisfaction.

Make your business popular

An excellent customer service can make your business popular.

This is because satisfied customers can tell their friends and family about their experiences.

Those ones, will in turn, tell others and the circle continues.

For instance, I know an entrepreneur who started his business, marketing power generating plants.

The quality and reliability of the products he sells earned him so much popularity that his business name has become a household name.

When your business is popular, governments, companies and individuals can be willing to do business with you because they know that you  can always deliver.

Therefore, continually upgrading your customer service can make your business grow.

Fight competition

Exceptional customer service can help you to fight competition.

As I have said before in one of my previous articles, business is war and the common enemy is competition.

For instance, customers expect to be given the best possible:

  • Attention
  • Efficiency
  • prompt services
  • user experience

Anything short of the above expectations can see your customers taking their business elsewhere.

Furthermore, customers can give you some useful insights about strategies your competitors are using to drive sales.

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They can also let you know about things you are not doing or doing wrongly.

Consequently, if you have professionally trained and motivated customer service desk officers, you will be able to compete in the market place.

Furthermore, you should remember that in other to beat your competitors, you must know more than them.

Most importantly, you must brace up and be ready to fight your way to the top of market leaders in your industry.

Build relationships

Through customer service you can build mutually beneficial relationships with your customers.

Do not forget that business is built on trust and connections.

Building and sustaining good business relationship can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Your connections can bring you more business
  • They can introduce you to profitable businesses you never thought existed
  • You can get from them useful information about your industry
  • Networking is made possible

Most importantly, great business relationship can provide opportunities for you to network and exchange ideas with your customers.

At the end of the day, everything works for your own good.

Business growth

Good customer service is important because it can help you to grow your business.

As more and more people continue to share their experiences doing business with you, your will:

  • Continue to rake in revenue
  • Profits will begin to increase
  • And your business with ultimately begin to grow

Moreover, you should remember that without customers, your business will be worthless and your wallet will be empty.

Get referrals and recommendations

Good customer service can enable you to get referrals and recommendations from your satisfied customers.

Customers who have done business with you in the past and are satisfied will be too glad to give you referrals.

Similarly, happy and satisfied customers will be very glad to recommend your business to their family, friends and associates.

This article reminds me of one entrepreneur who is running a gas filling station.

Unfortunately for the entrepreneur, he involved himself in selling fake products.

The result was that, before long, many people got to discover the tricks the man was using.

As at the time putting this article together, the man hardly gets 10 vehicles coming to his station to buy gas daily.

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I have gathered from a reliable source that the entrepreneur is seriously considering put up the station for sale.

The reasons were that:

  • Customers were only coming in low numbers
  • They are taking their businesses  elsewhere
  • He could not cover his operating expenses
  • His business was reporting losses yearly.

Ask for Feedback from Customers

Customer service can help you more if you ask for feedback from your customers.

You need to ask for customers because you, sitting in the comfort of your shop, may not know all the things that are happening in your industry.

This is where Feedback becomes very important.

Customers are always moving, looking for best deals in town.

As a result, they have the ability  to see or know things that you may not know.

Consequently, when you get feedback from them, you will then be in a better position to know:

  • Areas of your business where you need to improve
  • How customers are reacting to your prices in the marketplace
  • The level of competition
  • Strategies competitors are using to drive sales

More importantly, you should pay attention to all issues identified in customer feedback.

In particular, you need to pay more attention to negative feedback and fix them.

Similarly, where you receive positive feedback, you can do more to improve your business further.

There is every need for you to set up customer service desk for your business.

Because of it’s importance that explains why big companies spend tons of money training and retraining their customer service personnel for better service delivery.


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