How To Manage Employees Effectively


There are many ways to manage your employees effectively.

Some people have said that your employees are your first assets.

If the above statement is anything to go by, then you need to find the best possible ways to manage your employees so that they can be the best they can be.

The following tips can help you to manage your employees effectively.

Orientation of employees 

When you hire new people to work with you, you will need to educate them on the vision and mission of your business.

This is necessary because they will need to have good ideas about the goals and objectives of your business.

Furthermore, you should let them know the vision and mission of your business.

If you are able to get them to key into the vision and mission of your business, it will be easy for you to carry them along.

One of the consequences of not giving them proper orientation is that you might find yourselves working without synergy or even at cross purposes. And that is not what you want.

Ways To Manage Your Employees: Training and retraining of staff

You will need to train and develop your employees to meet the needs of your business.

Although some of the employees may have received some form of training before you employed them, there might be a need for you to retrain them.

Training and retraining are great ways to keep your employees up-to-date on modern technology and business processes.

In particular, you will need to train new employees on the jobs.

Those who have prior experience will still need to get themselves familiarized with their new work environment.

More importantly,  training and developing your employees will benefit your business in many ways.

Firstly, you will be able to:

  • Get things quicker
  • Meet customers’ needs
  • Prevent spoilage and wastage
  • Minimize customer service problems
  • Make you able to compete.

Secondly, it can make it easier to move personnel from one section to another one.

Delegation of duties 

Delegation of duties is one of your core management function.

Firstly, when assigning duties to an employee, you must make sure that the employee:

  • Has been trained and found competent to provide you with the best possible services.
  • He can perform his duties with little or no supervision.
  • Can comply with the company guidelines
  • Is creative and innovative

Secondly, you should not assign duties to an employee without giving him the necessary information and tools to carry out his duties.

Preferably, you can create a handbook which every single employee must have.

Essentially, the handbook should act as a road map or reference for your business and everyone in the team.

In other words, when an employee gets stuck in the line of duties, he can simply refer to the handbook.

Most importantly, availability of handbook will significantly reduce or even prevent the need for your employees to come to you every now and then for instructions.

Ways To Manage Your Employees: Monitoring and supervision

It is your responsibility to monitor and supervise your employees.

It is not enough to assign a task to an employee.

You must monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of your employees in the workplace.

Monitoring and supervision does not necessarily mean that you have to continue to look over their shoulders every day.

But it does mean that you watch what they do to ensure that:

  • Their work is in line with your business objectives.
  • In particular, their outputs meets the requirements of your business
  • Their work measures with standards, especially in terms of quality, quantity and reliability.

Reward systems

You will need to work out an equitable reward system for your employees.

In business, nothing just happen. It is people that make things happen. It is people that make big companies declare huge profits.

Companies make huge profits by leveraging on the productivity, quality and efficiency of their employees.

Consequently, employees can make or break your business.

In view of their importance, you will need to work out a suitable reward system of showing your employees that you appreciate their work.

Ways To Manage Your Employees: Pay package

You will also need to work out a system that measures the productivity and contribution of your employee to the growth of your business.

Simply put, one of the best ways you can do this is to pay your employees salaries according to the work they do for you.

When fixing their salaries, you should also consider their qualifications, training and experience.

Remember that your employees need to take of themselves, their dependent relatives and also plan for their future.

Therefore, you should not:

  • Pay them whatever you like to pay because there are no jobs outside
  • Use and dump them
  • Owe them months of unpaid salaries.
  • Travel out when it is a few days to pay day.


To get the best of your employees, you need to motivate them.

There are many ways to motivate your employees:

  • You should give pay rises to deserving employees.
  • Allow them to take their annual vacation
  • Promote those that have shown outstanding performance
  • Send them to training courses, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Provide health insurance schemes for them
  • Provide other recreational activities

In fact, motivation is a great way to show your employees that you truly value them.

When they are well motivated, they will be proud and happy to be part of your success story.

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B. Sc. Accounting, University of Benin,

Benin City, Nigeria.



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