See The 13 Most Effective Strategies To Boost Sales In Your Small Business


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See the 13 most effective strategies to Boost Sales In Your Small Business:

  • Advertise your business
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Use ‘A’ Signage
  • Business and sales promotion
  • Trade Fairs/show
  • Front Store design
  • Layout of store
  • Interior design
  • Store Windows design
  • Product pricing
  • customer service
  • Market yourself

You need an appropriate marketing strategies to boost sales in your small business.

When you opened the doors of your business to the public you obviously want to sell your merchandise and make profits.

The importance of sales can be better understood when you look at the annual financial statements of any company.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is the first item in the annual financial statements of any company.

However, if you are experiencing periods of low sales, why not use the following tips to boost sales in your small business?

Strategies to boost sales: Advertise Your Business

To boost sales in your business you need to advertise your  products or services regularly.

When you do take out ads, you should ensure that you are giving out something that will attract potential customers to your business.

Examples could be coupon, discounts, guarantees, flexible conditions and other benefits that can attract existing and potential customers.

Furthermore, you can also use adverts  to:

  • Fight competition
  • Launch new products
  • Increase your share of the market
  • Keep your existing customers
  • Get new leads

You need to advertise your business because getting new customers is not as easy as it used to be.

However, you should ensure that your advertisements are properly targeted at present and potential customers.

Furthermore, you need to advertise your business because if you do not, existing and potential customers can easily forget about your business.

Therefore, advertising your business regularly will help you to create awareness, keep your existing customers, acquire new ones and boost sales.

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Social media marketing

Social media marketing is another strategy you can  use to boost sales in your small business.

Driving sales with social media is not expensive. In fact, many of them are free.

To enable you increase sales in your business, you can use:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram,
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • and a lot more

Most importantly, social media marketing are effective.

Therefore, you should not ignore  because it is a powerful tool to drive sales.

Digital marketing

You can also use digital marketing tools to boost sales in your business.

Digital Visual marketing is now becoming more and more popular than texts.

This is because most people are moved by what they see.

Beyond that, many people simply have no time to read texts.

Therefore, you can use digital images on videos to attract more customers to your business.

Most importantly, digital marketing has the ability to attract both the educated and the uneducated people.

Strategies to boost sales: Use “A” signage

You should use ‘A’ signage to attract passers-by or foot traffic to your store.

‘A’ Signage is the board you can display in the front of your shop.

You can use the ‘A” signage to:

  • display info on new products
  • Show price reductions
  • Display info on bonanzas, discounts and product promotions
  • Choose the product or info you want to display
  • Rotate whatever you to display on weekly basis.
  • Keep in touch with customers’ tastes and preferences
  • Retain your existing customers
  • Get new customers
  • Ads on ‘A’ sign board is more or less free

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Build a website

You can build a website that you can use to showcase your products or services.

This is because a lot of businesses are done online.

Moreover, these days many of your potential customers will like to visit your website before buying.

Your website should be mobile friendly because more people now prefer to use smart phones than desktop computers.

Furthermore, your website should be fast and dependable. Nobody likes a slow website.

A professionally designed web site that meets the above requirements can provide you with the opportunity to interact with customers online.

Strategies to boost sales: Promote your business

Sales promotion can be a great way to drive sales in your small business.

For example, sales promotion can enable you to:

  • Get rid of obsolete stocks
  • Sell off all products nearing expiry dates
  • Dispose off all products that are experiencing low demands
  • know your customers better
  • Identify their locations
  • determine their tastes and preferences
  • Fine tune your marketing strategies
  • Understand the importance of competition

Promotional materials

To help you in your advertising campaigns, you should print brochures, leaflets, flyers showing your products or services

Additionally, you should insert your contact addresses, such as your email, location and phone numbers in all going advert materials.

Furthermore, you should always take some promotional materials along with you wherever you are going. Give them out freely to potential customers.

People who are interested in your products will use the addresses on your promotional materials to look for you.

Therefore, you should not undermine the power of sales promotion to boost sales in your business.

Attend Trade Fairs/shows to boost sales

Attending trade fairs/shows can enable you to boost sales in your small business.

The following are the advantages of participating in trade shows:

  • Trade shows afford you opportunities to meet potential customers.
  • Sell more of your products than you would if you were in the shop.
  • You might know the marketing strategies competitors are using to drive sales.
  •  It is very possible for you to make new friends
  • And meet manufacturers, importers and wholesalers that can give you better deals.

Do not forget that many companies go to trade fairs or shows to showcase their new products or technological break-through in their activities.

Industry publications

You need to read industry publications so that you can be up to date with rending information, products and technological advancement in the industry.

Joining trade associations can enable you to:

  • get first hand info concerning trending events in your industry
  • know when and where there will be trade shows
  • network with other members of the association.

Additionally, you should print:

  • business cards,
  • flyers,
  • brochures

Moreover, you should ensure that you submit every useful bit of info to the association so that your name can appear in their periodic publications.

This way, every member of the association will get to know about your business.

Potential customers who are interested in your products will use the info on the flyers and brochures to find you.

Front Store Design

To boost sales in your shop, you should design your store for sales.

For instance, your storefront should be designed to showcase some of your products.

Preferably, you can display your products in an enclosed transparent show glass where potential customers can easily see them.

A well designed store can make customers to buy things they never planned for; impulse purchases.

Store Layout

It is important that you design your store in a way that it will be easy for customers to see the variety of products you have on sale.

Additionally, it should be easy and convenient for customers to do business with you.

Remember that pleasant environment tends to add to the shopping experience of customers.

Store Interior design 

In particular, you should make the interior of your store attractive, convenient and pleasing to customers.

This can keep your customers engaged and want to spend more money in your shop.

Customers like beautiful sights.

They like to see positive changes in your store regularly.

In order words, you should upgrade your store from time to time.

Furthermore, you should always move stocks that are ‘hidden’ and dust ridden at the rear of your store to the locations where customers can easily see them.

If you do this, you will be surprised to see customers will buy stocks you had already regarded as “dead’ stocks”.

Store Windows design 

Designing your shop windows attractively can help you to boost sales in your business.

Ensure that stock items you display in your store windows are kept clean from time to time.

Moreover, no customer wants to see products covered with dust.

It makes customers feel that the stocks are old or even expired.

Because of the dirt on the stocks, some customers would like to pay below the selling price.

Price your products to boost sales

Product pricing has always been and will continue to be a source of worry for big and small businesses.

Do not forget that the concept of price is only an estimate of what the customer will be willing and able to pay.

Consequently, you should fix your prices at competitive levels.

In other words, your product pricing strategy should be such that will enable you to:

  • Boost sales
  • Make more profits
  • Retain your existing customers
  • Attract new ones
  • And make your business grow

Excellent customer service

No matter the quality of your products, poor customer service can hinder your ability to boost sales in your business.

Customer service is the hub of your business. It is the place where customers are won or lost.

Therefore, you should be able to provide the type of customer service that customers might not find elsewhere

Do this and your customers will stick with you both in good or bad times.

Market yourself to boost sales

Some people are shy to make sales. If you are one of them you can overcome this weakness.

Besides, you should be able to market yourself by:

  • developing positive attitude towards customers
  • being friendly
  • being flexible
  • having self confidence
  • showing maturity
  • looking professional

You should move out, introducing yourself and your business to as many people as possible.

Do not seat in the comfort of your shop waiting for customers to come on their own.

If possible, you should take the business to the customer!

Remember that without customers your business will be worthless.

Plus your wallet will be empty.

Most importantly, you should bear in mind that you need customers more than they need you.

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