7 Top Secrets Of Success In Business



The are many secrets of success in business that you need to know if you want to start, build, manage and grow your business.

Below are some actionable steps you can take to make you succeed in your business.

Secrets of success: Decide exactly what you want to do 

One of the top secrets of success in business is that you need to decide exactly what you want to do.

Furthermore, you need to evaluate your skills, talents and experience to see how you can use them to achieve success.

That also means that you need to  clearly define the aims and objectives of your business.

There after, you can then set the goals of your business, work out how you will achieve success.

Know the  business you are in.

Another important secret of success is that you need to know, in great details, the business you belong to.

Without doubt, it is clear that you can only excel in something you know very well.

Firstly, you will need to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What product or service are you bringing to the market?
  • What will your product or service offer to your customers?

Secondly, you can write down your answers and begin to work on them every day.

What can I do differently to stand out from the crowd?

Furthermore, you should review your goals every morning and every evening.

Most importantly, remember that to be successful, you will need to do things successful people in your industry do.

Secrets of success: Accept your responsibility

Yet another important secret you to succeed is that you must learn to take responsibility for your actions and in actions.

For example, if something goes wrong at your end, you can find solutions to the problem instead of blaming people.

Most importantly, whether you like it or not if you succeed in your business you will take all the credits.

Conversely, if your business fails you will be on your own.

Nobody will tell you sorry because you make all the choices and decisions.

Secrets of success: identify your competitive advantage.

Ability to compete with your competitors is one of the secrets of success in business.

Business is like war and the common enemy is competition.

To be able to compete in the market, you need to know those things that you can do better than your competitors.

Those things you can do better are your competitive edge.

Having identified them, you can continue to improve on the things that are working.

However, you should not forget that you also need to see what you can do to work on things that are not working.

Most importantly, do not forget that in order to beat your competitors, you must know more than them.

Secrets of success: Show commitment

To succeed in business, you must be totally committed to the success of your business.

Even in the face of difficulties, keep reminding yourself that failure is not an option.

Furthermore, you must remember that success is where preparation and opportunities meet.

Most importantly, you should focus on sales everyday, thinking of what you can do to increase your sales and profits.

Be willing to work hard

You must be ready and willing to work very hard.

Moreover, you should not be the business owner who would still be in bed at 5.00 am.

If you work hard, it will reflect in your business success.

Most importantly, you will be able to achieve the financial freedom you have always wanted.

Secrets of success: manage your time well

Proper time management is one of the secrets of success in business.

For example, you do not need to spend precious time making phone calls that do not convert.

Furthermore, you should not waste your time browsing social media sites that cannot benefits to your business.

Instead, you can use your time to reflect your business, plan and find out cheaper and better ways of getting things done.

This is because time is a priceless asset. And once you spend it, you can never get it back.

Therefore, you need to spend your time only on things that bring value to your business or put food on your table.

In addition, remember that in business, every minute minute counts.

Be determined to succeed 

Perhaps the most important secret of success is determination.

Resolving in advance that you will never give up is one of the secrets of success.

Furthermore, you must remember that in business, quitters never win and winners do not quit.

Secrets of success: your take away

Remember that all successful people and entrepreneurs are action oriented.

They are always thinking, planning, implementing, reviewing their ideas and moving forward.

More importantly, remember that it is what you do now that will determine the  future of your business.


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By Samuel Ijenhi, B.Sc. Accounting

University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.

Founder: Ijenhi Business Solutions


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