15 Ways Marketing Can Help Your Small Business To Grow


The following are 15 ways marketing can help your small business to grow:

  • Marketing Educates People
  • Marketing to inform people
  • Helps to build relationships
  • To get referrals/recommendations
  • Enables you to sell more
  • Use social media
  • know your products
  • Create Video Visuals
  • Research competition
  • Know your products
  • Business opportunities
  • Check out your weaknesses
  • Build Website
  • Trade shows
  • Diversification
  • Advertise locally

But have you ever stopped to imagine what it should feel like to manufacture or modify an old product without anyone coming in to buy from you?

Similarly, have you ever thought of what it should be like to import products and stuff them in your warehouse without customers coming in to buy?

The answers to the above questions can be found in the roles that effective marketing strategies can play in your small business.

1. Marketing Educates People

Let us assume that you know your products in great details. Do your customers know your products as you do?

This is one of the reasons why you should use marketing to educate your customers about your products.

Furthermore, you need to educate your customers on how your products work and how to use them.

Most importantly, you need to tell customers what they stand to get by using your products.

If you do not educate your customers, you risk having many customer service issues due to the wrong use of your products.

And frequent customer service issues can affect your ability to sell more of your products.

2. Marketing To Inform People

Marketing your product should help to inform your customers and the general public about the existence of your product.

Informing your customers about your products should help you to fight competition. There might other people selling the same or similar products.

Therefore, informing your customers about your products will give you the opportunity to explain to your customers any difference that might exist between your products and similar products in the market.

3. Marketing Helps To Build Relationships

In the process of marketing your products, you should be able to build and sustain lasting relationships between you and your customers.

Your customers want to see you as the answer to their problems. They want to form alliances with you.  They need you as much as you need them.

Of course, for you to be able to maintain good business relationships, you need to be able to provide excellent customer service.

Most importantly, marketing your business should be a continuous process and not a one-off activity.

4. Marketing: Referrals/Recommendations

Marketing your business should also enable you to get referrals and recommendations.

For example, customers who have bought from you in the past and were satisfied might give you referrals.

In the same vein, satisfied customers should also be able to recommend your business to their family, friends and associates.

5. Marketing Can Help You To Sell

Marketing can help your business to grow. But for your business to grow, you need to sell. Although selling may not be for everybody, it is something you can learn, at least in the interest of your business.

In addition, marketing can help your business to remain competitive and grow. In other words, you should use marketing to drive sales in your business.

6. Use Social Media Marketing

You can grow your business by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more. Social media marketing are not expensive. They are very effective. However, if you do not know how to use them, get help from someone who knows.

7. Marketing: Research Competition

In the process of marketing your business, you should use the opportunity to research the competition.

If you research your competition, you should be better positioned to meet and even exceed your competitors.

8. Know Which Products

Before you can effectively market your products, you should know your products inside and outside.

In other words, marketing your business should enable you to find out whether your products are ones someone would like to put his money.

9. Create Video Visuals

Video visuals are amazing way of getting people to know your products and eventually making purchases.

Therefore, you should get someone to craft an appealing video visual to promote your products. Many people prefer to watch videos than to read texts

10. Look For New Opportunities

Marketing your products can help your business to grow. For example, in the course of marketing your products, you might stumble on some business opportunities you never thought of before. You should then turn such opportunities into profits for your business.

11. Checkout Your Weakness

As you market your product, you might get feedback from customers. Such feedback could be in the form of criticisms and observations concerning how you do your business.

Similarly, some of the feedback might contain suggestions on how you can improve on your products or services.

12.Marketing: Build A Website

Building a website might help your business to grow. This is because you can display your products on the site. Many customers now search websites before they make purchases.

13. Marketing: Trade Shows

Participating in trade shows could help you to market your products and make your business grow.

At the trade shows, you might learn newer methods other vendors are using to drive sales in their businesses.

14. Marketing: Diversification

As you market your products, you might discover the need for you to diversify your business into other areas.

For example, if the competition you are facing becomes overwhelming , you might consider branching off to other businesses. This should enable you to avoid laying all your eggs in one basket.

15. Marketing: Advertise Locally

Advertising on local newspapers, radio and television stations could help you to drive sales. For instance I know a man in the oil and gas industry who started marketing with just one filling station.

To boost his sales, he collaborated with a local radio station. The station ran his ads twice daily from January every year.

Today, the business man has over 7 filling statins and he is still counting.

There are there are many more marketing strategies you can use to help your business to grow. Therefore, you should research more, read more and try doing things differently.

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