6 Greatest Disadvantages Of Employing Family And Friends To Work In Your Business



The following are the 6 greatest disadvantages of employing family and friends to work in your business:

  • may take your for granted
  • family quarrels may affect your business
  • may bully other employees
  • Makes discipline difficult
  • Family and friends may disobey you
  • can take over your business

When you start your small business, chances are that you might be able able to carry out most tasks all by yourself.

However, as your business begins to grow, you will need to people to help or work for you.

Often times, some of the people who might approach you for job could be family and friends.

Moreover, the ones who will be contacting you are likely looking for any work, not just your type of work.

If you are considering employing family and friends, you need to consider the following factors:

• set of skills needed for the position
• good work ethics
• experience
• the pay scale
• pressure by family and friends to pay more.

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Family and

friends: Might Take You For Granted

One of the disadvantages of employing family and friends is that they may take you for granted.

This usually happen because of  the relationship that exist between you and them.

For example, they may not give you the type of respect other employees will give you.

Family quarrels Might Affect Your Business

Another disadvantage of employing family and friends is that the effects of previous quarrels back in the village might be brought to the workplace.

In other words, the bad blood generated by such quarrels might still linger in the minds of family members.

Consequently, this will put you in a difficult situation when making some decisions.

Family and friends are just likely to read meanings to whatever decision or statement you make in your business.

Furthermore, whatever you do in your business might be relayed to the village. Worst still, some villagers might not reason the way you reason.

Bullying of other employees

Yet another disadvantage of employing family and friends is that some family and friends can bully other employees who are not related to you.

This is usually possible because they believe that you are their own. They know you right from home.

Moreover, they know that you can’t sack them as fast as you would your other employees.

In other words, they can take advantage of the relationship between you and them to bully other employees.

Consequently, family and friends bullying other employees can affect your business in the following ways:

  • affect the morale of other employees
  • lead to low productivity
  • loss of employees loyalty
  • some unhappy employees might sell your trade secrets to your competitors

Makes Discipline Difficult.

Employing family and friends, will make it difficult to enforce discipline in the workplace.

For example, if you punish a family member or friend, he will think that you do not like him.

Even when it is obvious that he has done something wrong, he will try to change the narrative to attract sympathy.

On the other hand, if you do not punish an erring friend or family member, you will be setting bad precedents in your workplace.

Furthermore, your other employees will think that you are promoting double standards. And that you are treating them poorly because they are not related to you.

Can Disobey

Inferior minded family or friend may not obey your instructions.

This is possible because they believe that you cannot punish them.

To them them, you are one of their own. They know you inside/out.

In other words, they might disobey instructions that were in the best of your business.

Furthermore, over time, if you allow disobedience to continue in your business, it will affect the growth of your business.

Could Take Over Your Business

In some cases, employing family and friends to work for you can be a risky decision.

This part of the article reminds me of two unfortunately incidents in one of the southern cities of Nigeria.

First, it was the case of a giant transporter who brought his relation from their village to work for him in the business.

Unfortunately, his brother collaborated with criminals to kidnap and kill him.

The second was the case of another furniture maker.

In conclusion, let me say quickly here that employing family and friends is not a bad idea at all.

However, you should bear in mind that there are good and bad family and friends.

However, if employing family and friends will wreck your business, you are better off not employing them.

In business, you should not yield to sentiment. Only the best is good for your business.

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