13 Reasons Why Employee Training And Development Is Important


There are many reasons why employee training and development is important in the workplace.

The goals of employee training is to make them more productive and efficienct.

Similarly, the goals of employee development is to enhance their knowledge skills and enrich your organization.

This article is focusing on why employee training and development is important in business.

Employee Training And Development: Increases productivity

One of the most important reasons for employee training and development is to increase productivity.

You and I know that a trained employee is much more likely to be more productive than an employee that is not trained.

When you train an employee, he can do his  job with much more precision and seamlessly. That is what training is all about.

For example, if you do not train employees, they can be struggling to get things done without much success.

Uniformity of work processes

When you train your employees on work processes, their individual and collective output can be perfect.

This is because they will carry out their tasks exactly as laid down in the standard you have set.

And when this uniformity is achieved, it will benefit you, your organization and your customers.

Furthermore, the entire work process can be seamless, fast and they can achieve great results for your business

Therefore, when your production processes are fast and smooth, this can facilitate your your business growth.

Employee Training And Development: Reduces wastage

Another, perhaps, more important reason why you need to train and develop your employee is that it can help you to reduce wastage.

For example, a well trained employee is better equipped to manage your business resources.

Firstly, they will be able to manage materials more optimally to reduce wastage and damages.

Because he knows the negative impact wastage can have on the profit of your business.  When you have to replace damaged materials now and then, your operating costs will increase and so your profit will reduce.

Secondly, trained employees will be better positioned to manage men in the workplace. He can know how and when to deploy workers to appropriate positions to get the best results.

Thirdly, trained employees can help you to manage money. By their training, they can know that needless and wasteful expenses can hurt the profitability of your business. They can know how to manage time because time is money.

Reduces supervision

Training and developing your employees will reduce the need for constant supervision.

As an entrepreneur, there are many things you will be thinking of. The time you will spend on supervising mediocre employees can be better used for other services that can benefit your business.

Although supervision is very important, it can be time consuming, especially when you have to supervise the jobs done by junior employees.

Most importantly, if you do not supervise junior or new employees, you can end up with customer service issues, some of which can hurt your business.

Employee Training And Development: Promotion from within

The benefits of employee training and development will show up when it is time to promote deserving employees to occupy higher positions of responsibility.

Because they have received training appropriate to meet the needs of your business, promotion from within can be done without much difficulties.

Additionally, you will not need to take out adverts to fill vacancies in your business.

Similarly, you can save time wading through thousands of applications, short listing and interviewing potential employees.

Most importantly, the employees you have trained are most likely to meet the needs of your business than staff workers who have not been trained.

Employee training and development: Boosts employee morale

When you train and develop employees, they will have confidence in themselves.

This can ultimately translate to:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Higher productivity
  • Career enrichment
  • Their ability to be part of your success story

Furthermore, when employees have high morale in the workplace, they will be proud to introduce themselves to their family and friend.

Beyond that, this can enable them to project positive image of your business.

Employee Training And Development: improves knowledge of policy and goals

Employee training and development will enable your staff to get themselves familiar with the policies and goals of your business.

When your employees know the policy and goals of your business in great details, they will be able to function in  higher positions in future.

In other words, as your business grows, your employees will be able to develop their career while working for you.

Most importantly, training and developing your employees will tend to make them have a feeling of belonging.

They will be happy to be associated with the success story of your business.

Facilitates employee retention

Employee training and development can help you to retain the best hands in your business.

Some of your employees come in with their training, skills and experience.

Nevertheless, they will still need to undergo training and retraining to familiarize themselves with their new work environment.

Sometimes, some your trained employees may go with the training they have received from you.

However, a good number of them can remain because they will want to give back to the company that trained them.

Consequently, you should not let this discourage you from training your employees.

Remember that training and developing employees should be a win-win situation.

Firstly, your employees benefit by acquiring more knowledge, training, skills and experience.

Secondly, you will get the best from your employees.

Most importantly, remember that the quality of services you receive from your employees is a function of your imput into their training and development.

Prepares employees for higher responsibilities

Employee training and development prepare employees for positions of higher responsibilities.

For example. if you are creating another branch of your business in another location, you will need to training the employee you are deploying to that branch.

The employee might be good in your head office already, but since he is going to operate in an environment different what he used to know, he will need some training or retraining.

Helps in solving business problems

Training and development of employees can help your employee can help your employees to solve some frequently occurring problems in your business.

For instance, if you train x number of employees on the level of authority and responsibility, any of them can easily solve any problem that might pop up within their competence.

Show that you value them

Employee training and development is another way of showing your employees that you appreciate the work they do for you.

For example, if you select say 5 members of your employees for training, other employees will strive to have their names included in the next batch of trainees.

Furthermore, this competitive spirit can make for higher productivity, efficiency and general improvements in their performances at work.

Can help in in-house training

Employee training and development can help your senior employees to train new hires.

When you get your new hires trained by jobbers, your business pay out some good money for the training.

However, if you can have new employees trained by your senior employees, you can save some good bucks.

Improves customer satisfaction

Training can help your employees that meet customers’ expectations.

When your customers are satisfied with your products, the quality of your customer service, your sales will increase. Ultimately, your profits can be enhanced. Your business will grow.

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