16 Most Important Customer Service Skills That Will Help To Grow Your Business

The following are the most 16 Most Important Customer Service Skills That Will Help To Grow Your Business

  • Patience
  • Attentiveness
  • Good Communication Skills
  • know your products
  • Use Positive Language
  • have Acting Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Ability To Read Customers
  • Calming Presence
  • Goal Oriented Focus
  • Ability To Handle Surprises
  • Persuasive Skills
  • Tenacity
  • Ability To Make Sales
  • Empathy
  • Willingness To Learn

When you opened the door of your business to customers you had the intention to make profits.

And to make profits, you need to make sales. To make sales you need customers.

To enable you keep your customers and get new ones, you need to master the following customer service skills.


Patience should be the most important customer service skill you need to master. Although patience seems to be like an in-born thing, it is something you can learn.

So if you are not endowed patience, you can do yourself some good by learning how to be patient because you need patience to do business with difficult customers.

Patience should benefit you in the following ways:

  • Keep your existing customers
  • Attract new ones
  • Make your business more competitive

If you are someone who deals with customers on daily basis, you need patience to cope with some difficult customers who might come to you.

For example, some customers might come to your shop frustrated, anxiety and worries that they never get solutions to their problems.

Furthermore, an angry customer might come to your shop complaining that an item he bought from you did not meet his needs.

In each of these situations, you need patience to deal with the customer so that he will happy and smile away.


Another important customer service skill you need to master is the ability to pay proper attention to your customers.

Firstly, paying proper, attention to customers requires that you must have or develop great listening skills so that you can understand the problems of your customers.

Secondly you need to mind the language you use for your customers. Customers can be really slippery and very sensitive to deal with. Use poor language and they will leave you..

Thirdly, you need to watch the language customers use to describe their problems. If you do not understand their problems, you cannot solve their problems.

Fourthly, you need to get feedback from your customers. Customers are in the field. They are always on the move. They might see things you might not see. So their feedback should not be ignored because feedback will help you to respond to changes in the market.

Good Communication Skills

Using the language the customer understands is yet another customer service skill you should master. Poor communication skill can stand in the way of way of your success in business.

Therefore, you should speak the language your customers can easily understand. Moreover, do not use big grammar when talking to your customers.

The essence of good communication skill is for both you and your customer to understand each other clearly.

Know Your Products

Everyone in your team should have a thorough knowledge of your products. Knowing your products thoroughly should enable your customer service reps to:

  • Answer customers questions quickly and correctly
  • Be able to solve their problems to their satisfaction
  • Demonstrate new products to customers
  • And tell them what they stand to benefit by using your product.

Therefore, without proper knowledge of your products and how they work, you run the risk of losing your customers to competitors.

Furthermore, you could lose customers to competitors. And this will reduce your sales and profits.

Positive Language

Still another important customer service skill is the ability to use positive language. Customers want you to use positive language when dealing with them. They do not like to see any sign of doubt in your language. Customers want to see expertise in your language. They also want to see you as the man who can always solve their problems; a reliable business partner.

For example if a customer need a product that has just been exhausted, you should have the ability to put this across politely to the customer.

Furthermore, customers can form their impressions about you and your business because of the language you use for them.

Have Acting Skills

Once a while, you might come across customers who are very difficult to please. Some of them might test your tempter. But you need them to buy from you.

If an effective acting skill, you should endeavor to get such customers to buy. Not only that, you should be able to make him happy such that he would come back again another day.

In order words, good acting skills should enable you to make sure that every customer who comes to your shop smiles away.

Time management 

As you are probably aware, time is a priceless asset. Once spent, you cannot get it back. Therefore, you should have the skill to manage time effectively and efficiently.

For example, you do not need a whole of precious time one visitor to your shop who might just price every item on the counter without buy.

However, if you come across a problem that you cannot solve, it best to refer such problem to someone who can solve it.

Therefore, you should be tactical enough to know where to draw the line between the time needs of your business and that of your customers.

Ability to ‘read’ customers

Another customer service skill you need is the ability to ‘read’ your customers. Different customers might have different emotional status. In other words, different customers might require personalized service.. Since you value his business, you should be able to get him to buy because you need the money in his wallet.

Therefore, when a customer steps into your shop, you should have the customer service skill needed to cleverly read the countenance of the customer. This should enable you to know how to meet his needs.

Furthermore, you should look and listen for subtle clues about customers’ current moods, patience levels, personality, etc. These should go a long way in helping you to keep your customers mutually satisfying.

Calming Presence

Still another important customer service skill you need is the ability to maintain a level head even at all times. There might times when customers might task your temperament.

Besides, that might be times when you will need to work under intense pressure. You should lose your temper because your business has no time to look for lost temper. In business, every minute is important.

Most importantly, your customer service reps should know that it is their primary duty to make sure that they keep customers satisfied and happy.

Goal-Oriented Focus

Every member of your team should be focused on the goal of your business.

This is where it is important for you to train and retrain your customer service reps. When you train and give them authority to handle minor customer-related issues, you should be on your way to getting all members of the team to look in the same direction in terms of performance.

Ability To Handle Surprises

Ability to hand surprises is an important customer service skill you should master.

Every member of your team should be able to handle surprises without reference to senior management for advice.

Some circumstances might require your customer service officers to go out of company guidelines in order to satisfy a particular customer.

Therefore, it is best to be able to think on your own and solve some problems.

It might even make sense for you to create your own solution bank where you save solutions to frequently occuring customer service issues.

Persuasive skills

Sometimes, you need persuasive skills to get some customer customers to buy.

But using persuasive requires that you should be tactical enough so that you do not ‘force’ or ‘rush’ a customer into buying something he does not really need.

You also need this skill to be able to convince some customers that your product is the best for them.

To truly take your customer service skills to the next level, you need to know how to use persuasive skills. This is particularly useful if a customer asks you to recommend a product to him.


Tenacity is sometimes necessary especially when you need to do what needs to be done. In order words, you should stick to your gun when you know that you are doing the right thing.

However, there might be times when you might need to do extraordinary things to achieve extraordinary results.

Some of the customer service things people talk today were crafted by someone in the past. In other words, you are hiding under a tree today because someone planted a tree long ago.

You should remember that your customers are people too who have choices.

Your customer service should be able to cater for the interest of all manners of customers: the big and the small.

Ability To Make Sales

Your ability to make sales is very crucial to the success of your business. You are in business to make profits and you can only make profits when you sell.

Some entrepreneurs are shy to sell. If you cannot make sales, you cannot expect your employees to do any better.

Furthermore, you should have the ability to solve customers’ problems and make them happy. Moreover, you should have the skill to deal with all manners of customers; the big and the small.

This is necessary because a small customer today could be a big customer tomorrow. Sales from big and small customers should improve your bottom. So your customer service reps should not discriminate between big and small customers.

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Empathy is not a skill per se. It is an inborn trait. But it can be learned. Having said that, empathy simply means the ability and the willingness to share in the feelings of your customers.

Therefore, customers want to know that you share in their problems.

They want to see that you are the person they can always fall back on when they have problems.

In order words, they want to know that you care both in words and actions.

Even if you cannot tell the customer exactly what he wants to hear, a sign that you share in his concerns should be enough to make him feel recognized and appreciated.

Willingness to learn

You should be able to show signs that  you are ready and willing to learn.

As you probably know, learning should be a continuous process. If there is anything you do not know, ask people who know. Ask questions.

In conclusion, do not forget that customer service is very crucial to the success of your business. It is where business is won or lost.

Because of it’s importance that is why you see big companies spending huge sums of money to train and retrain their customer service reps.


By Samuel Ijenhi