7 Greatest Customer Relationship Management Skills You Need


The following are the 7 of the greatest customer relationship management skills you need:

  • Patience
  • Great listening skills
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the customer
  • Politeness
  • Know your products
  • Know your job
  • Ask for Feedback

Customer relationship management is all about helping customers to solve their problems.

It includes everything you need to do to help a customer before, during and after a purchase.

There are many customer relationship management skills you need.

However, the following  are a just a few of the major skills:

Customer relationship management: Patience

One of the most important customer relationship management skills you need is patience.

You need patience because dealing with some customers can be quite challenging  at times.

Some  customers will come in confused and afraid that they may never get solutions to their problems.

Others might just be the complaining type or the type that are difficult to please.

Therefore, you need great patience to effectively deal with all types customers.

The best way to get your customers happy and satisfied are to:

  • Identify the problems of the customer,
  • know the sources of his problems
  • Find the best solutions for his problems.

Great Listening skills

Another important customer relationship management skill you need is great listening skills.

You need great listening skills to understand what the customer is saying.

In addition, if you have good listening skills, you might even hear from them:

  • some ideas that could help to improve your business.
  • methods your competitors are using to drive sales
  • things you are doing wrongly.
  • Yet others could tell you products you need to add to your offerings.

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer

You should imagine that you are the customer. The Customer want to  know that:

  • you know how he feels
  • you share in his problems
  • show genuine concern to help him out
  • make him happy and satisfied
  • he can always trust you to find solutions to his problems
  • he expects you to be there for him.

Remember that you need to treat your customers as you would want others to treat you.

Customer relationship management: Politeness

Politeness is another important customer relationship management skill you need.

Once a while, you might come face to face with different types of customers.

Some customers  could be the easy-going type. Yet others could might be the difficult types.

Customers will test your temper. In other words, some of them will make you annoyed.

Even then, you should be able to talk to angry customers politely so that you can get him to your side.

Even if a customer makes you angry, just pretend that nothing is happening,

This is necessary because two wrongs cannot make a right. Besides, if both of you get angry at the same time, the problem may never be solved.

Plus, you stand to miss out. After all, you need the customer more than  he needs you.

Know your products 

As a customer relationship management personnel, you need to know your products in great details.

Knowing your products in detail should enable you to:

  • introduce new products to your customers
  • show them how to use new products
  • tell them what they stand to benefit by using your product.

Most importantly, if you do not know your products in great details, you  may not be able to answer  customers’ questions quickly and correctly.

Customers do not like to waste time. They have no time to wait for you to go the boss to get instructions.

Know your job

You need to be a master of your job before you can work in customer service.

This is because the customer expects you to know everything about your business and your products.

Therefore, to move your business to the next level, you need to be an expert in your job.

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Customer Relationship Management: Ask For Feedback

You need to politely ask your customers for feedback. Feedback should enable you to know:

  • How customers feel doing business with you
  • Areas where you will need to make improvements in your business
  • What people say about the quality of your customer service
  • What methods competitors are using to drive sales
  • Things you are doing wrongly
  • Products you need to add to your offerings

Fortunately, many companies now have answering machines that work 24/7; even at night!

Some companies have now developed a system whereby customers can be asked to open a ticket so you can interact with customer either over the telephone or online.

As a customer service representative, you should familiarize yourself with the above and other modern technologies. Such knowledge should enable you to retain your customers and get new ones.

Remember that customers are always in the field. They can see things you may not be able to see about your business.

Therefore, even if your business is a small one, please ask your customers for feedback.

Use the feedback you get from customers to get your customers to keep coming back to buy from you again and again.

Finally, remember train and retrain your customer service personnel at the front desk. Remember that it takes money to make money. So the money you spend training your customer service employees is money well spent. This is because customer service is where business is won or lost. It is the hub of your business. Give it the attention it deserves.

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