7 Advantages Of Advertising Your Business On Radio


There are many advantages of advertising your business on radio.

The need has become even more demanding in the face of intense competition in the business world.

First, this is because only a few people now have the money to make purchases

Secondly, the dollar is no longer circulating as easily it use to be.

Thirdly, advertising your business on radio stations regularly can help you to get your own share of available potential buyers in the market.

So let us now look at the benefits of advertising your business on radio.

Advertising on Radio: Radio is affordable 

Radio is affordable for anyone who cares to purchase one.

Because they are reliable, a lot of audience are nearly almost addicted to listening to broadcast and adverts coming from their favorite radio stations.

Furthermore, because their broadcast are factual, they earn public trust and confidence.

Consequently, listeners tend to believe every adverts coming from their favorite radio stations.

Because radio stations have large audiences, advertising your business can be a great way to boost sales in your business.

Advertising on radio on radio is cheap 

Advertisements on radio are quite cheap.

For example, one of the local radio stations can collect N12,000 to air your adverts two times daily for one month.

Adverts on radio can help also paid off in the case of one popular and successful business owner.

This entrepreneur, four years ago, simply signed up with a local radio station to advertise his products for one year in the first instance.

The agreement was renewable at end of ever year.

As at the time of putting putting this article together the man already has 10 gas filling stations. And he is still counting.

His advert campaign became so popular so much so that his business has become a household word in every home.

Advertising on Radio: They are effective

Advertisements on radio are very effective.

The reason is that radio ads can be listened to as often as many times as you  like provided you follow the radio station’s schedule of broadcasts.

Reach remote areas

Another benefit from advertising your business on radio is that it can reach even the most remote parts of the country and beyond.

The best part of it is that radio broadcasts and adverts can penetrate areas that are not accessible by vehicles.

For instance, people can listen to their radio stations in the cars, offices, market, on the sea and so on.

They are mobile

Perhaps, one of the most important advantages of advertising your business on radio is that you can take your radio with you wherever you want to go.

In fact, with the aid of an piece, you can listen to your radio even when the device is in your pocket.

Powered by batteries

Perhaps, one of the most important benefits advertising your business on radio is that it can be powered by both electricity and batteries.

This means that your audience can listen to your ads wherever they are, whether there is power or not.

No Language barrier

Perhaps the best part is that you can advertise your business in local languages.

This means that your audience has a chance of listening to your advertisement in many languages.

When people in the locality listen to your advertisement in their own native language, they will tend to trust and have confidence in what they hear. That, of course, is a plus for you


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By Samuel Ijenhi

B.Sc. Accounting, (University of Benin)

Benin City, Nigeria.



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