Advantages Of Advertising Your Business






The following are the advantages of advertising your business:

  • To introduce new product to the market
  • Helps to increase market share
  • Adverts Improve Sales
  • Helps to fight competition
  • To educate consumers
  • Better quality products
  • To make your business more popular

Have you ever stopped to think how it feels for a company to import or manufacture products, keep them in the shop and nobody is coming to buy? Without customers, you will only remain in business for a short while. This is where advertisement comes in.

To help your business keep your existing customers and get new ones, here are some the advantages of advertising your business:

Helps To Introduce New Products

One of the advantages of advertising your business is that it should help you when launching new products into the market.

Furthermore, if you do not advertise your business many potential customers will not know that your business and products exist in the first place.

Therefore, you need to make move around, make noise here and there so that people will get to know of your business.

In addition, another advantage of advertising your business is that it should help to get rid of products nearing expiry dates. Beyond that, advertising your business will help you to promote your existing products.

If you do not advertise your business, you are like a man who lights up a candle and hide it under a table. Only a few people will see with the light.

Ads Increase Your Share of the Market

Another advantage of advertising your business is that it will help you to increase your share of the market.

For example, you are not likely to be the only seller in your market.  You are only serving a few customers in the market. You have competitors who are also selling in that market. Every seller want to maintain his share of the available customers.

Suppose for now that you are having 50 customers in the market. And that after advertising your business you now have additional 50 new customers. This way, you have increased your share of the market from 50 to 100 customers. Of course, you should be happy with this increase.

Adverts Improve Sales

Yet another advantage of advertising your business is that adverts has the power to drive sales to your shop. You can advertise your business products, using different ways.

When advertise your business, potential customers who hear your adverts will tell their family and friends. Family and friends will, in turn,  tell their associates and the circle continues on and on.

As the news spread far and wide, chances are that more and more people will get to know and buy your products. Your sales will improve. Related: How To Manage Insufficient Capital In Business

Ads Helps To Fight Competition

Advertising your business should help you to fight competition. Business is war and the common enemy is competition. Therefore, there will always be competition, no matter what. Advertising your business should help you to meet and overtake your competitors.

Therefore, you should not seat in the comfort of your shop and think you are fight competition. So advertisement is a powerful weapon you need to be ahead of your competitors.

Advertisements Educate Consumers

Another advantage of advertising your business is that it should help you to educate your customers on how to use your products.

For example, you need to advertise to be able to convince a villager that the rat killer you are selling is the best for him.

If you do not educate customers on the use of your product, they could misuse the product with harmful results. Consequently, this could make it difficult for you to sell more rat killers to other people.

Adverts Improve Relationships

Yet another advantage of advertising your business is that adverts should bring you and your customer closer to each other. Adverts helps to create relationships, build trust and confidence among your customers. Remember that business is built on trust and connections.

Better Quality Products

When you advertise your business but receive complains about poor product quality, you should take steps to find out what went wrong.

After correcting the error and begin to advertise your business, you should be able to compete once again with your competitors. So advertisements bring competition and competition brings about improved quality of products.

Advertisements Make Your Business  Popular

Another advantage of advertising your business is that ads should make your business more popular. Those who have never known your business will get to know it and get involved doing business with you.

For example, I know a man who started the business of selling generating sets about 12 years ago. The owner of the business runs ads from January to December every year advertising even already popular products.

Taking the advantages of advertising his business, the company has now grown into a group of companies with interests in estate development, entertainment, tourism and so many other businesses.

Highlight Product Improvements

Advertising your business should make the public be aware of any improvements you might have made on any of your existing products.

Furthermore, letting people know of the improvements you have made on your product should help you to boost sales.

Ads Helps To Improve Brand Awareness

When you use the advantages of advertising your business, you can keep your brand in the minds of customers.

Because it is often difficult, at first, to market a new brand, advertisements come handy to make your brand known.

In order words adverts should help to make your product known. When people know it, they will buy from you.

Furthermore, advertising your business could make the public aware of any product promotion you want to launch. Eventually, you might see your business raking in more sales.

Ads Drive Immediate Online Sales

If you are into e-commerce business, advertising your business using pay per click should bring you immediate sales.

Ads Lift Brand Image

Advertising your business could bring back the image of a company or product suffering from years of lack of update. Furthermore, ads should help to reinvent the image of your company and reverse the negative opinions people had of your business before.

In addition, when you expand your production capacity, ads should help you to recover some lost sheep which have left you because your installed capacity could not meet their need

Boost Your Professional Profile

For example, if you are a consultant and want to be known for your expertise, advertising can help.

In addition, advertisement can promote your content marketing your expertise. Again ads could help build your reputation as a thought leader.

Sponsoring content that features expertise also raises your profile and helps attract industry partners.

Get Seen Online Using Phones

Advertisement could make your business see by searchers using phones, laptops and so on.

Provided you put your address, telephone, email address and so on, you should see customers calling to do business with you.

Grow your email List or Social Following

If you want to get more email subscribers or more loyal social followers, then social media advertising may be useful to accomplish these and other marketing objectives.

Once people consent to receiving email marketing messages from you, or choose to follow your social posts, you have more chances to get your messages in front of them.

Boost your Content Marketing Impact

Content marketing is a powerful marketing technique. But advertising can give it even more impact.  Share your content on social media, and then boost the social media update.

It will get your content seen more widely and you will get more click through and engagement on your content.

Alternatively, you can opt for sponsored content on a popular site, so your content can be seen more widely.

Ads Help Expand the Power of Word of Mouth

Advertising can help you to increase your word of mouth marketing.

But what if you could drive the word of mouth sharing by your customers even higher?  The more new customers you get through advertising, the more happy customers you will have to share word of mouth praises with about your business!

In conclusion, therefore, you should not think that your business is too small and so there is no need to advertise your business. Do not belong to the small business owners who think that money spent on adverts is money wasted.  Advertisements drive sales. Try it and you will be glad you did.

By Samuel Ijenhi

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